Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Friday

Okay so I'll admit I was a little lax yesterday about keeping up to date on this damn thing. (It's actually appearing in my "10 Ways to Procrastinate for Finals" article that I'm writing in the opinionated school paper (Heather, I believe you know which one I'm talking about) Anyway, what I should have done was on Thursday morning at about 1:45 when I got back in the dorm I should have done a post. Namely because I had just finished playing a game of Manhunt (jailbreak for college students) in the cemetery behind the art buildings. Holy crap, it was positively AWESOME!! Not only were 20 college students running around the cemetery in the dark, we weren't exactly quiet about it, either. I was completely amazed that neither Campus Security or the local police showed up and told us to either move on or arrest us. That would have been freaking priceless seeing how there was this one incident last semester with some of my friends in Seneca Falls where I jaywalked in front of not only a local cop car but also a State Police car, as well. (Upon further inspection the vehicles were not only running, but empty of drivers.)

So, like I said, there were about 20 of us in the cemetery. It must be said that I am an excellent hider once you get past the fact that you almost busted your ankles multiple times not only on headstones but the cemetery isn't exactly flat, either. Not even kidding, I hunkered down behind a huge headstone, curled in a ball, and tried not to breathe. It was quite funny as someone went tearing down the path 10 feet in front of me and didn't see me. But then I was given a time limit to try a jailbreak and ended up running like a pansy for fear of snapping my bad ankle when the other team saw me. Damn flashlights. Otherwise I would have just sat there for as long as it took for somebody to find me.

Needless to say my roommate was not conscious when I returned to the room. Though when I walked in and ran into a wall of freaking HEAT, there were some issues. Really, I know that upstate weather can be a little cool this time of year, but it's not the middle of January anymore. You don't need to crank the freaking heat in the room back to 5 because you don't want to actually use a blanket. And, WTF anyway? You use a blanket thicker than mine and I grew up in the country. City kids. I'll tell ya....

I'm trying to get out of my habit of getting sick of dealing with people at the end of the year. It's been a habit all through middle and high school. I just get tired of dealing with people. In this case, I'm tired of living with this person. Just..I'm just tired of it. One of the reasons that I didn't really care where I ended up living next year so long as I had a single. I miss my morning routines where I have to be semi-quiet (last year I was the first one up in the house, except for my dad who goes to work obscenely early, sometimes as I'm just going to bed) but this is just nuts sometimes. And I'm not the one who had a damn velcro messenger back for the first semester. And no desk light. (Thanked God when she brought that back; I could fall asleep with the lights off for a change) I'm trying not to count the days until I'm heading home but it's hard. It's really hard. I miss my little one. And the dog. And the damn cat that gets you up at 5 in the morning to drink out of the bathtub. And I miss my sister and the rest of my family. I'm only an hour away, but sometimes it seems so much longer.

Speaking of summer....can't wait for it to get here but there are going to be some serious things happening. Namely, I need to get my ass in shape for next season. We ran the VO2 yesterday, and while I didn't make any of my laps, I was consistently in the same place when the 4 minutes were up. Victory for me, but there is a lot of room to improve. I also need to get serious about the weightlifting aspect of it and I need to get stronger so I can rock out as a goalkeeper. Varsity may not be an option for me at the moment, but my goal (and this is feasible and reasonable) is to be the starting JV keeper. If my fitness improves to the point where it should be, too, there could be a chance that I could train on the field as well. My goal is have more playing time, which requires more effort in the off season and harder training.

And I'm trying not to think that my academic load is going to kick my ass next semester. My schedule as it stands is probably a little psychotic.

Monday: Organic Chemistry II 9:05-10:00, Physics I 10:10-11:05, Beginning Ancient Greek 11:15-12:10

Tuesday: Teaching Seminar 7:30-8:30, Acting I 11:55-1:20, Organic II Laboratory 1:30-5:00

Wednesday: Organic Chemistry II 9:05-10:00, Physics I 10:10-11:05, Beginning Ancient Greek 11:15-12:10, Physics I Laboratory 1:30-5:00, Scuba Diving I 7:30-9:30 (Or something like that)

Thursday: Acting I 11:55-12:10

Friday: Same as Monday.

(Beginning Ancient Greek may be switched out for Beginning Italian - I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing in the respect yet.) And soccer. Case and point, I've got to have my crap together.

Also over the summer I'm going to be working at the same job I had last year; a waitress, and continuing work on my novel. This semester's Craft of Fiction class has given me a lot of feedback on aspects of it, and while I'll take those into consideration, I know pretty much where I'm going with it. And the "creative monkeys" will not be silenced. Not happening.

So, I think that's pretty much all I want to say. This is probably an insanely long post, I might have ranted in some places, but it's all good. I might have more to say after tonight's campus-wide capture the flag. =]

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