Saturday, May 9, 2009

Organic Dreams and Other Ramblings

So, I'm going to take a bit of a flying leap and say that I would agree with my chemistry professor/adviser and that I do, in fact, have a Chemist's brain. Why else would I be attempting to nap with thoughts of synthesis questions floating through my brain and trying to remember the exact use for m-CPBA and what it does to certain alkenes and alkynes. Which kind of told my brain that maybe making flash cards with the reagents on it would be a little useful, especially when I tackle some practice problems in a little while, before and after dinner. My exam is at 7. That gives me some time to chill, relax my brain, wake up a bit, and go over some practice problems.

The weather is a little weird out there right now. There's a really strong west wide that blows pretty frequently which makes me think, with my room next semester being in the western corner on the fourth floor of the building, that it will be almost like living at my old house and having the wind attempt to blow my window in during the night. I'm honestly wondering if I'll heard it, which, I'm hoping I will. It'll remind me of home. Which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

I'm not entirely sure what's falling from the sky at the moment but it appears to be insanely fat raindrops. I think. But they must be light because every time the wind blows they go slanted. Gotta love upstate weather.

And of course the sun is still trying to shine.

Really glad I bought a box of Cherry Pop-Tarts when I went to Wegman's today. I had to get my mother a Mother's Day card because she's coming up tomorrow to take a load of stuff back (mostly the big stuff - bike, mini-fridge, possibly the TV and printer, a full suitcase) and I needed a card. I stood there in the card aisle, a smart-ass card for my sister tucked under my arm along with another necessity (which explains my absolutely horrendous cravings for chocolate) and had to wait for two tweens to figure out which card they wanted while they chattered incessantly with each other and pulled out better cell phones than mine to text whoever they needed to text at 11:30 in the morning. So, I got my mother a card.

I'm now debating with myself whether I want to do some studying or something while picking up a little because, frankly, my half of this room looks like an absolute friggin' train wreck. I've got shoes, papers, clothes and books everywhere and you have to step strategic places to get the window and the alarm clock. And I need to water my plant. Henry's been a little neglected these past couple of crazy days. My desk doesn't look much better, really, which reminds me that I need to make sure that Emily has the movies from our movie nights that belong to her before either one of us jets outta this place in the next few days. Which reminds me that I need to email my RA and get a time set up to check out of this happy room. And I need to see if I can pin my roommate down long enough to get a time out of her when she's going home so that I can actually open the door all the way since the turtles would be gone.

And looking at copies of the Martini on the floor remind me that I need to send all the issues I have home with my mother because she likes to read them, too. Her kid even has an article in there this time. It was fun. It gives you a sense of purpose, writing for someone else, for a paper and that everyone on campus who picks it up can read what you wrote. It's both thrilling and absolutely terrifying. I'm on page 4. Only one of my friends thought it was lame and that my procrastination list should have been better. My other friends thought it was legit and solid. Funny, too. And since it's cruel not to share, I'll share. It's right next to my buddy Stephen's article about slightly depressing summer reading books that he's recommending. He's not depressed; he just enjoys reading books that are. He and Sylvia Plath would get along like a house afire. (I used that phrase in my book and have been looking for places to use it since.)

10 Ways to Procrastinate Studying for Finals

Need a break? Need something fun to do? Look no further than this list of ten fun (possibly illegal) things to do to procrastinate for finals. (Note: Facebook will not appear on this list because it's used to procrastinate 365 days a year. I should know, I used it last night.)

10) Play a game of Manhunt in the cemetery. (Manhunt = jailbreak for college students, not running from Campus Security for disturbing the peace)
9) Go skinny dipping in the Lake.
8) Saga sit for a minimum of 4 hours.
7) Making interesting copies of various body parts after hours in the library on stolen print credits.
6) Pitch a tent on the quad in a run-through of your room for next semester. (Applicable with students with housing numbers higher than 463)
5) Become a member of HSG or WSC. No experience or desire to participate required.
4) Take one of B & G's golf carts-on-steroids for a joyride.
3) Ride the trolley for a minimum of 2 hours.
2) Marathon watch all three Lord of the Rings movies.
1) Do your own version of an iPod commercial in the library and convince others to join as well.

Happy finals!

And I heard through the grapevine that a group of kids actually did get together and play manhunt. So the list wasn't a complete waste of time, energy, and space after all. Well, must microwave a Pop-Tart and be semi productive.

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