Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today, in all honesty, didn't start out great but ended fairly decently.

This morning was rough. Ever since my focus (think the orange fuzzy thing in the Weight Watchers commercials) decided to come out from under my bed, I've been pleasantly productive. Well, this morning I almost puked on him. It was not fun. Instead of getting up and around at 8:15 like I had planned and originally set my alarm for, I was so nauseated that I immediately crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. I was finally up and able to function at 10:15 instead, when I literally said out loud to myself, "You can't sleep anymore, get your ass out of bed." It was a bit of a struggle to coax my focus from under the bed again, seeing how he wasn't sure of my uneasy stomach, but he finally made an appearance around noon and I was able to get my history paper rewritten well before 2:30. The only bad thing about it was that I kind of, sort of...forgot to eat. A quick stop at the pub on the way to my only class of the day at 3:05 saw a Starbucks iced mocha and a package of Pop-Tarts. Not entirely healthy and probably not substantial enough, but it worked.

It was as I was sitting down in class that I realized I would be going through the history department backward. History 301 the Enlightenment this semester, and next semester History 203, Stuart-Tudor Britain, taught by the same professor. Most people go the other way, starting with the 100's and moving up. I'm going backward. Further contemplation led me to the same conclusion in the English department. I just took English 309, Craft of Fiction. Where do I go from there? I'll have to think about that, especially since I either want to double major or minor in either English or Writing and Rhetoric. I love writing. If massive blog posts aren't enough of an indication for you, you should check out the fact that I've been writing a novel for five years. And many poems and essays and short stuff with no point...

For those who are curious, my focus re-emerged from under the bed and is currently chilling next to my potted plant, thoroughly amused by the helmet he's wearing. As long as he stays where I can see him, we'll be good to go. Hell, we just might make it through finals at this point.

And if it hadn't been clear before, I'm no longer taking Ancient Greek. I traded it for that history class. And I got the last seat, too. Sometimes I'm that lucky. Other times I trip over flat surfaces.

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