Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just kind of realized that most of my posts have exclamation points at the end of them. That is unintentional, really.


My first year of college is done! Not only did I not flunk out completely, but I managed to keep my GPA over 3.0 (barely, second semester) but it's still over 3.0. Which, considering how badly I did on some Chemistry tests, I'm quite amazed. It could have been better, yes, and I was a hair's breath away from making Dean's list second semester (if you didn't count said Chemistry grade) but that's okay because I know what I did wrong and I'm fully prepared to not only do better, but keep on doing better. Part of it, a big part, was time management and my lack thereof. It's actually better to be in season during the year because that MAKES you have time management or everything sort of slips sideways and before you know it you're upside down and semi-drowning. Hindsight's 20/20. Live and learn.

So, I've been sitting home for a few days. Well, okay, I haven't exactly been completely sitting on my ass. Wednesday I got up and went with my mother down to my dad's work to get the truck so I could have a vehicle, my own car not running (and I just realized that yesterday was Wednesday - not getting up and going to class screws with my sense of time) and at the shop for a number of reasons. So, then it was coming back and sleeping until about 11:45 and then actually getting up for the day. Since I had to go to town and see my boss, I decided to swing by my old high school. I was feeling...I don't know what I was feeling but it was kind of fun. Awkward and a little weird, but fun. I'm not one of those, I have to go back because I didn't want to leave people, but it was good to see some good friends and some teachers. And that's about it. Most likely that's the only visit that I'll make before school gets out for the summer. Then it was a quick trip to see my boss who already has me on the schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. Three cruises in two days. =] I'm happy to go back to work. I'm a waitress, plain and simple, and I really enjoy what I do because, believe it or not, I'm a people person and I enjoy working with tourists. And when you live in a tourist town, that's who you make your living from. It helps to be local. But, it's a little annoying when someone asks you, "Where's the waterfall?" and you automatically say, "Which one?"

Not to mention when the boat goes cross-ways across the lake on a choppy day and you almost spill a full drink tray on the first unlucky table at the top of the stairs on the upper deck.

Which reminds me that my one and only true heart attack moment last summer was almost dumping a tray of strawberry bulinis on some Asian tourists camera case as it sat in a chair at the back of the boat. Disposable plastic champagne glasses are NOT that sturdy, despite what the packaging may say.

So, now that I'm home and I have a phenomenal amount of time on my hands, my creative ability has taken off with my focus. Focus forgot his helmet and the creative ability is along for the ride as they hide among the piles of stuff I brought back from college. I'm not really worried; they'll come out eventually but I really would like to get the last few pages of the typed Part VII written. I've only got seven pages left of it, before I start Part VIII. Not to mention I need to seriously put some time and effort into looking for publishers this summer, maybe an agent or two. The only downside is that if an agent takes it and runs, I have to come up with the cash to pay for it. Agents are expensive. Which is why I generally look toward trying to win over an editor but the manuscript mostly ends up in the slush pile, never to be heard from again. And my beginning isn't that strong, either. But, as previously mentioned, my focus and my creative ability ran off for the moment.

And that's about it for me, for now. I get to get my car in about 45 minutes, with dad. Yay for the return of Fred!! Now, he just needs to run all summer so he can come with me.

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