Monday, May 4, 2009

Really Really

So, I'm kind of taking a break at the moment from working on my history papers and the other stuff and just generally trying to figure out a plan to compliment the one kicking around in my head of how to get through this week. Following the advice of my Chemistry professor, who is also my advisor, I'm not going to do what I normally do and compartmentalize and go through things one at a time and feel a sense of accomplishment that way, but space things out and intermix them. Instead of doing Chemistry for four hours at a pop, do it for only about an hour or two and then go do something else. That way my brain can rest, and I can feel not quite so wiped out and mentally useless. Another thought that occurred to me is that stuff that I don't need my computer for, I'll migrate out into the lounge and work out there at the tables. I used to do that last semester during soccer season. I'd sit out there with my chemistry homework, and do it out there, away from my wonderful Gateway and the internet. Not to mention it'll be a little easier to refill my mug with water and be closer to the microwave.

There is the distinct possibility that I will drink my way through my entire new package of Twining's English Breakfast tea before next Tuesday when I pack up and go home for good. For the summer, I mean.

So while I write this at the moment I am enjoying a cup of tea, eating a French roll with Nutella, and listening to a mix of music videos on Yahoo that I've labeled "Focus." There's only 11 videos in the mix. They are:

"Just Dance" - Lady Gaga (Now I know what Jack Gray on CNN, who I follow on Twitter, is talking about)

"Paper Planes" - M.I.A.

"Single Ladies" - Beyonce

"So What" - Pink

"Party Up" - DMX

"Gives You Hell" - All American Rejects (The lead singer reminds me of the guy who plays Spencer Reid on CBS's "Criminal Minds" and looks like him, too.)

"Low" - Flo Rida

"Lookin' For A Good Time" - Lady Antebellum

"Let It Rock" - Kevin Rudolf

"I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz

"Sideways" - Dierks Bentley

And it's done wonders for coaxing my focus out from under my bed. He'd been hiding behind my fridge, near some Amazon boxes. He's come out now and is sitting near my potted plant, wide-eyed and curious. Sittin' and chillin'. It's a beautiful thing.

So, recap of my weekend, starting Friday. Friday was a couple games of Capture the Flag on the quad. We started at 8 in the evening, hence, the appearance of glow sticks to wrap around wrists and denote teams. It was quite interesting as almost half my FSEM class was inadvertently there. And, the one guy being a cross country runner for the colleges, yeah, he can run. Really, really fast. And he says he's not entirely in shape. Anyway, it was all fun and games until I see my best friend on the ground, kind of holding her head. She got a concussion back in October and it's still bothering her (she whacked her head pretty good on the tile in the bathroom of our dorm - not only do we live next door to each other we cemented our friendship over trips to the ER our first semester) and I had seen her slip but since she'd gotten back up and kept running, figured she was okay. Yeah, well, twenty minutes later she was strapped to a backboard and we were on our way to the ER, yet again. We left there at 12:15 Saturday morning. It was one our quicker visits. And thankfully there was nothing wrong with her head. Possible mild concussion, but nothing seriously wrong.

So Saturday was spent kind of chill. I worked on one of my history paper rewrites until I had to get around leave for soccer alumnae stuff at a local winery. That was very interesting. Dinner was good, dessert sucked, and the event divolved into a dance party toward the end with an after party at an off-campus house rented by a mutual friend of most of the soccer girls. The alums came too, which was even better. I stayed sober because I felt like it and started back to my dorm around 11:30 or so. And met up with the trolley down the street. And stayed on for an entire circuit. Needless to say I went to bed at 1. Got back up the next morning at 8:10 because we had the alumnae soccer tournament at 9:30. It was quite interesting. Personally, I was dead after the second game. We played a total of four games, all about half an hour long. Dinner later that night, a chemistry problem session, and much writing on my English story later, I crashed at 1 again.

And so excited that I no longer have to take math!

Which brings me to an interesting point. Got an email in my inbox this afternoon saying that the school was offering American Sign Language as an actual course. Well, I need two semesters of language for my teaching certification requirements and would positively love to do sign language. The only issue is that I can't fit it in my schedule because of where my science labs are. I got all excited and sent emails to my mom and sister telling them, then had to send a "I take that back" email. Which probably burst their bubble, too. Looks like the Ancient Greek will be staying in my fall schedule. Least I've got Scuba diving.

My roommate just popped in and then out. She's running for judicial board on our college congress. I didn't vote the first time around and I have no intentions of voting this time. Just not on my To-Do list. Not enough room.

I think my history professor is on Twitter, but I can't seem to find him. That would be really interesting except that I think he would send me messages like, "Do the reading!" or "Write your paper!" My sister already gives me nudges like that, I think that's what she's there for.....

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