Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm well aware it's Wednesday and I haven't added one of these things in pretty much a week. My bad.

Saturday (four days ago) was the first day that I went back to work for the summer. It was a rather uneventful dinner cruise. Sunday was much better. Now, between this summer and last summer, there were a couple of really remarkable cruises - some good, some bad - and Sunday's was the best of the best. We had a big group on, about 100, and they were all a choir. No, this wasn't some old-ladies Church type thing - they were from parts of the UK, lived in Canada, and were doing a tour of sorts. They played in a town not far from mine the night before and were celebrating. And what a way to celebrate. Not only did they have kickin' accents because they were mostly from overseas, but they also drank. It was one of those nights for me where I had hit every table of mine for drinks before I made it downstairs to get the first round. The result was returning with basically half the bar and handing it out. Two of my tables, at the fact that my name is Molly, burst into rounds of "Molly Malone" which should have clued me in for the mayhem to come. Now, Sunday night dinner cruises have live entertainment (live singing) and, toward the end of the cruise, when the paid music took a break, the folks we had on deck, namely, the people in the seats paying for the cruise who were also in a choir, started singing. I heard one of the best versions of "Sloop John B." that I have ever heard in my life. They were SO GOOD! Not to mention, about 50+ in age and holding their beer remarkably well. Before we had even set sail, they had taken the napkins from the table and fashioned hats out of them. My six-top, before we'd even left, had taken the spoons off the table and started playing the spoons. Needless to say, it was the most fun I have had on that boat from a cruise ever. There's big shoes to be filled this summer if another "3 Hour Tour" is to take over first.

Monday was a day off, of sorts. I went to weightlifting at 6 in the morning and when I came back, crawled back into bed and snuggled in with the dog for a few hours. The cat being in the chair in my room, it was like I had a small zoo in my room. And there's still on the piles of stuff from college - clothes and such - that I haven't had any desire to deal with and therefore haven't. Monday was very uneventful. We did laundry.

Tuesday I slid back into a sort of routine. When I came home from weightlifting, I didn't go back to bed. I stayed up, made myself some breakfast, and watched SportsCenter. Yeah, I watch SportsCenter. Used to when I was in high school, before I went to school. Before that, I watched CNN. And then basically just killed time before I had to be anywhere, thinking that before I went to work I would go down to the parts store and get a heater knob for my car. My car is missing its heater knob. No idea where the hell it went, but it's not in the car and because I don't have a knob, I have neither heat nor defog in the vehicle. Not that I really had heat before but the defog is kind of important and I do kind of need that. Well, I left my lights on trying to get someone to turn in front of me because otherwise they were going to hit me in the rear end if I turned first and then turned into my driveway, and it drained the battery. I opened the door and didn't even get a dome light. So, my dad had to come home, jump the car, and then I went for the part. They didn't have one, but sent me somewhere else. Of course, I have twenty minutes before I have to be to work. I'm almost stopped at a stop light, I'm the first car there, and my phone rings. Damn good thing I looked up because there was a State Trooper in the other lane on the other side of the intersection practically staring me down. He was a couple cars behind the first one, but he was giving me the stink-eye. It was great.

Work that night wasn't bad. Except that we had on a bunch of college kids on their Senior Week and I had a tab sheet (drinks) that I couldn't find at the end of the cruise. They took it. And then proceeded to argue with me over the price I had charged them for drinks. So, I had to drop the overall total by $6 to please them (after talking with my boss who then talked to me about the fact that it wasn't so much that the tab was out, but that you thought it was in and paid) and the night just really didn't end the way I thought it was going to. Other than that, it was a great cruise. Walked away with $42 in tips so it wasn't all bad.

And now it's Wednesday. And my entire body is pretty much sore. See, lifting yesterday, it seemed like a good idea at the time to use a 25 pound weight and do declined crunches. Today, not so much. But sore is apparently good and I do feel stronger. Tomorrow I'll test my max's on my squat and my bench. This is almost hysterical - My benchpress maximum is 85 pounds, bar included. For my fitness test in August, I have to benchpress 140 pounds. My squat didn't really change much. 165 isn't that far away from my body weight, which I did last year, so I should be good to go.

I've already decided I'm going to resemble either a football player or Ahnold by the end of the summer. I'm strangely comfortable with that.

And considering that I have some errands to run after I vacuum the stairs, it would be wise for me to get off my ass and be productive. But I am definitely stopping at Dunkin' later. Most definitely.

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