Saturday, May 9, 2009

Enlighten Me!

(I looked in edit posts and found the original and combined it with the other ones. =] Enjoy all the madness now)

Well shit.

I just found the email that has the essay prompts for my history class and, instead of the paper being 2,000-2,500 words, it's 2,500-3,000. Which explains the well shit featured above. And it's due in 15 hours and 10 minutes. It's awesome. And it's about the Public Sphere in the Enlightenment.

I need some more coffee. I've got a 20 ounce cup of whatever our cafe has, but I need some good old Dunkin. Seriously. Or Starbucks. I need high-test. But this will have to do for now. I look pretty bad ass right now, too. Holed up in the lounge outside my room, bandanna on, glasses, and computer hooked up and ready to go.

And you're going to be right here with me, because the later it gets, the more tired I get, and the more caffeine I have, the more random and stupid I'm going to become. Welcome to first year second semester college finals. Aren't you glad you can live vicariously through me?

Got my introduction and a rockin' thesis statement. Now I just gotta back it up. Here we go. And I broke open the chocolate bar. Almost finished with my first cup of coffee. The tea will be next.

9:15 pm - I am almost officially cracked out on caffeine and chocolate. And can safely say I've eaten nearly 1/4 of my body weight in Oreos today alone. I had them for breakfast this morning.

9:30 pm - Paper has reached 2 pages. My coffee has run out.

9:42 pm - The first cup of tea of the event has been made. Still on page two.

9:44 pm - My right scar hurts. Possibly from my caffeine intake.

10:03 pm - Coming down a little bit from the caffeine high. Still going strong. Opened the window a little bit for more fresh, cold air.

10:11 pm - Word Count Check: 454

10:39 pm - Random people invade the common room and take photos of Emily while she sleeps on the couch. Which wakes her up. Almost ready for my second cup of tea. And listening to music from my HS band concert.

10:50 pm - Page three has been obtained. Word Count Check: 597

11:34 pm - 3rd cup of tea, 2nd tea bag. Word Count Check: 759 and Em's camera has made an appearance in the common room, along with a couple interesting photos. Still not yet fully caffeinated.

11:50 pm - Head to Saga with a group of people (mostly friends of my roommate) for midnight breakfast and dancing.

12:58 am - On my 5th cup of tea, back in the lounge, and working again. Word Count Check: 811 and Jack Gray's got nothin' on me.

1:27 am - Word Count Check: 1,000! Halfway there!! And still groovin'!

2:07 am - The wall is nearing and I'm getting closer and closer to whacking into it. I've started drinking water now, to hopefully combat some of the caffeine in my system. Completely forgot that tea is a diuretic.

2:11 am - I think I've eaten 1/4 of my bodyweight in Oreos today. And I'm strangely comfortable with that. Really.

2:21 am - A little under 1,000 words to go. I'm counting it down. And the wall is fast approaching. I should mention, for the benefit of my sister, about what happened to my focus. He was with me (still is) but he thought, when we took a little break way back when, that he needed to play outside. Well, he didn't use the stairs. Instead, because he had his helmet, he went out the second story window. Dumbass. So he kind of broke his helmet, and toddled back inside, sat down, and wanted attention. I thank him for my rockin' thesis statement. He really got me to focus.

3:52 am - 2,000 words! Where the hell am I going to come up with the next 500 to fill out the rest of this? It's literally going to be fluff and bullshit. Absolutely no way around that. Seriously. I think I'm going to write my conclusion, see where that leaves me, and call it a night. I'm's four in the freaking morning!!

4:09 am - 2,456 words. I'm done with this right now. I'm amazed I'm still processing anything through my brain.

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