Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things to Know XX

- A 2 am bed time is only advisable once a week.

- The crater holes where I had my wisdom teeth removed are still incredibly sore.

- This was evidenced when I got knocked in the jaw last night at rehearsal - nobody's fault - and made everything hurt.

- Geo lab tomorrow takes place more or less in my backyard.

- I sat through a class and a half feeling like my head wasn't functioning.

- Spent four hours (roughly) with no contacts or glasses due to a contact lens malfunction and knowing that wearing only one would produce a hell of a headache within twenty minutes.

- Watching DVD's of Law and Order: UK off of Netflix helps me pretend I'm still in the UK.

- I have a place to live next year - in a house - and get to pick my room on Tuesday.

- There's a project that's going to allow me to look at the quantum mechanics of a black hole.

- There may be a way to tie that back to either Star Trek 2009 or Stargate, of which I'm practically salivating over.

- There's a chance my mom, sister, and I will be able to make a sort of round trip to NYC to see the MLS All Stars take on Manchester United and then see RENT on Broadway.

- If we see RENT it will remind me of the last time we all went to see a musical together, which was The Lion King when I was still in elementary school.

- Sadly, though it would be really fun and a great experience, it's not going to be possible to do the Geo field course this summer (two weeks in Colorado) because it doesn't help for my major, and I would have to petition quite a few people to be able to take only three courses my senior Spring.

- I'm having mixed feelings about the fact that the theater department doesn't want me to take Intro to Dramatic Literature as an independent study (which would mean only three courses [all of them chem, with labs] in the fall) and want me to wait instead for next Spring and another dramatic lit course.

- I still have my ethics goal to fulfill.

- My adviser is quite happy that we're not struggling to fulfill the fine arts goal.

- I don't think I drink enough water in the day.

- I should make a cup of tea and get cozy on my bed doing homework.

- I have a card I'm going to send to my best friend in Rome.

- Speaking of said best friend, she'll be living across the street from me next year.

- One of these days, when it gets a little warmer, I'm going to lay on the grass, look at the sky, breathe, and simply be.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Virginia Company

It's sometimes fun to start at the end. This is what we did last week.

While I try and get my head around the asshattery that was the first Monday back after Spring Break - complete with more moments of brilliance in one day than the last month and a half - I'd figure I'd clue everyone in on where I've been for the past week.

I mentioned this a little earlier (sometime a couple weeks ago, I think) that I was spending my Spring Break doing community service in Virginia instead of becoming a couch potato at my own house.

It was pretty cool, truthfully. We accomplished a lot. I'm still kind of covered in latex paint and primer, got bit by a tick, cut up the backs of my hands a little on nails through surfaces as I was trying to paint, and, if you followed my twitter, you'd have probably seen that I was trying not to swear like a sailor and commit bodily harm to people I was with over downright damned annoying little things.

Either way I survived the week, did good service, and there were some pretty impressive, and interesting photos that more or less cropped out of it.

I am the headless "moonsuit" (used for painting, to preserve your clothes) on the left.

Chippin' paint and lookin'....woodsy. Or grungy. Either one works.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is the third time I've tried to write this post.

My varsity soccer coach my junior and senior year in high school told me those weren't the best days of my life, and not to let them be. That there were bigger and better things out there waiting for us to find them, experience them. He was right, for the most part, that high school wasn't the best days of my life.

What he wasn't right about was WAZA. A travel team I'd been playing on for four years. Those girls, since the first day, they were more than teammates, they were practically family. We were family, actually. After our first practice our coach had said, "Welcome to the WAZA family," and he never stopped saying it. It was drilled into us that if our sister was against the boards, you go help her. You give her support.

Those girls were one of the best things that have ever happened to me. One of the best groups of people that I have ever come to know.

Friday afternoon we lost a sister. She'd fought leukemia not once, but twice - and won - only to lose to a lung infection.

It's been four years since we last stepped on or off a soccer field together. Four years, but with this we've come back to the family we were once. And still are.

That is how we'll grieve. We'll grieve with our blood family, and the family we chose.

We'll grieve for our sister.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Almost Normal

This is a sort of Wordless Wednesday post in disguise.

It's been five days since I had all four wisdom teeth removed.

This was me Sunday afternoon.

Chubby Chubby Chipmunk, anyone?

And this is me five days later.

Still a chipmunk, but not now I don't look like I'm putting away food for winter.

I'm also beginning to turn pretty colors as the swelling goes down. I keep waiting for someone to ask me who hit me. And the looks at Wegman's while J and I had frozen coffee drinks and I ate mine with a spoon? Priceless.
"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz