Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things to Know XX

- A 2 am bed time is only advisable once a week.

- The crater holes where I had my wisdom teeth removed are still incredibly sore.

- This was evidenced when I got knocked in the jaw last night at rehearsal - nobody's fault - and made everything hurt.

- Geo lab tomorrow takes place more or less in my backyard.

- I sat through a class and a half feeling like my head wasn't functioning.

- Spent four hours (roughly) with no contacts or glasses due to a contact lens malfunction and knowing that wearing only one would produce a hell of a headache within twenty minutes.

- Watching DVD's of Law and Order: UK off of Netflix helps me pretend I'm still in the UK.

- I have a place to live next year - in a house - and get to pick my room on Tuesday.

- There's a project that's going to allow me to look at the quantum mechanics of a black hole.

- There may be a way to tie that back to either Star Trek 2009 or Stargate, of which I'm practically salivating over.

- There's a chance my mom, sister, and I will be able to make a sort of round trip to NYC to see the MLS All Stars take on Manchester United and then see RENT on Broadway.

- If we see RENT it will remind me of the last time we all went to see a musical together, which was The Lion King when I was still in elementary school.

- Sadly, though it would be really fun and a great experience, it's not going to be possible to do the Geo field course this summer (two weeks in Colorado) because it doesn't help for my major, and I would have to petition quite a few people to be able to take only three courses my senior Spring.

- I'm having mixed feelings about the fact that the theater department doesn't want me to take Intro to Dramatic Literature as an independent study (which would mean only three courses [all of them chem, with labs] in the fall) and want me to wait instead for next Spring and another dramatic lit course.

- I still have my ethics goal to fulfill.

- My adviser is quite happy that we're not struggling to fulfill the fine arts goal.

- I don't think I drink enough water in the day.

- I should make a cup of tea and get cozy on my bed doing homework.

- I have a card I'm going to send to my best friend in Rome.

- Speaking of said best friend, she'll be living across the street from me next year.

- One of these days, when it gets a little warmer, I'm going to lay on the grass, look at the sky, breathe, and simply be.

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-Joseph L. Mankiewicz