Monday, March 21, 2011

Virginia Company

It's sometimes fun to start at the end. This is what we did last week.

While I try and get my head around the asshattery that was the first Monday back after Spring Break - complete with more moments of brilliance in one day than the last month and a half - I'd figure I'd clue everyone in on where I've been for the past week.

I mentioned this a little earlier (sometime a couple weeks ago, I think) that I was spending my Spring Break doing community service in Virginia instead of becoming a couch potato at my own house.

It was pretty cool, truthfully. We accomplished a lot. I'm still kind of covered in latex paint and primer, got bit by a tick, cut up the backs of my hands a little on nails through surfaces as I was trying to paint, and, if you followed my twitter, you'd have probably seen that I was trying not to swear like a sailor and commit bodily harm to people I was with over downright damned annoying little things.

Either way I survived the week, did good service, and there were some pretty impressive, and interesting photos that more or less cropped out of it.

I am the headless "moonsuit" (used for painting, to preserve your clothes) on the left.

Chippin' paint and lookin'....woodsy. Or grungy. Either one works.

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I can fix your header if you like - just give me admin privileges to your blog.

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