Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Night

No, I'm not talking about yesterday night, I'm talking that this is my last night in my dorm room for my first year of college. Seriously. It's nuts. When I think about it, I can remember moving in and getting unpacked, how big and empty it looked. I remember my first night alone, too. The first couple nights, at least in our soccer program, there's an upperclass player who stays with you. They stay with you at least two nights, and up to a week. I remember my first night - it was a little creepy. It was just me.

Then August 31 came and suddenly someone was moving into the other half of my room. With turtles. And multicolored bad-looking hair. Okay, let's face it, I had just come from practice in the drizzling rain and probably didn't look like a model either, but still. So that was another thing to adjust to.

And then there's that little tidbit of information that the colleges ask you about when you register for housing and all that good stuff, and that's when you go to sleep. I follow what I wrote. I like between 6 1/2 - 8 hours of sleep a night. And I get up and eat breakfast in the morning. The person I was now living with didn't share the same sentiments. Add that to the fact that we have nothing in common (except that we live in the same room) and it's a great, great day.

But somehow it was all okay because I'm on the other side, looking back.

My calculus final, the one I took today, yes, well...that will be interesting. I couldn't remember half the stuff that I was supposed to, but I'm pretty sure it'll turn out okay. Especially since about 45 minutes into the exam, as I'm staring at a problem, this image-memory-thing pops into my head from the movie The Boondock Saints. It's the part at the beginning, with Greenly in the alley talking about how the guys were walking down the alley, "Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra" (Or something to that effect) and I just started quietly cracking up (which apparently looked like I was crying/on my way to a breakdown of monumental proportions) right in the middle of my exam. And then periodically throughout the rest of the test I would think of that scene and start laughing all over again. Not a bad way to pass 2 hours.

Because my one friend has an exam tonight, and because we're all pretty much done (Me and my other friend are completely done) with school this year, we reenacted the tradition of Friday Night Friendly's (minus, in this case, the Friday part). Which was really fun and provided some much needed laughs and relaxation. :) Not to mention ice cream. Mine had Oreos on it, though, considering how many Oreos I've eaten in the past four days, it's a wonder I haven't turned into one myself.

But I am really ready to go home. Just not enough to pack up and leave after my exam today. That would have been rushing it. I want time to get things together, decompress, and make sure that I'm not forgetting anything.

I'm really ready to be done living with someone.

And now I need to go pack the rest of my crap.

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