Friday, May 8, 2009


Okay. Maybe it was because I had two weeks here by myself, but I mastered the use of my dorm keys back in August. I learned that if you turn the key up, it locks the door, and if you turn it down until you hear a click, it unlocks it. And, over the course of the semesters, for easier access on my part, the door remains unlocked when I'm in the room. There's a little press button on the inside that you can lock it with, so that's what we pretty much do at night.

Well, last night I went to bed before my roommate (though I was hella curious about what both the village PD and Campus Security were doing right below my window) and I used the push button to lock the door. She still has issues with her keys.

8:45 this morning, no glasses or contacts, retainers in for God's sake, and on my way back from the bathroom, I realize after trying the door that I'm locked out of my room and my roommate is nowhere to be seen.

Really? During finals?

And when she came back and I told her I had to call security, she doesn't ask me WHY she just asks "Did they see the turtles?" It's like, yeah, thanks. Since I've been the one to get up earlier this semester, it's pretty standard in my operating procedure to wander to the bathroom and come back to an unlocked door. I'm not her, I don't tote my keys everywhere inside the building (unless it's a Friday or Saturday or something because you never know what some drunken kid is going to do) and sure as hell don't SLEEP in my keys.

I'm not so much ticked off as annoyed. Not my fault she slept in the art building last night. Time management is key. Though mine's been pretty much shit this semester, my grades are still good and I still get my stuff done. Then again there's a big difference in how we both got here.

However, experimental data suggests that Oreos are the Wheaties - The Breakfast of Champions. My focus and I have work to do.


Madalines Magnificent Mayhem said...

I laughed. I admit it - and I laughed OUT LOUD for that matter. Sorry. NOT

IDK what to say to more week I guess. ONE MORE F'in WEEK of the insanity.


Molly Louise said...

Yeah. And it's not going by fast enough. Well, after last night..I would say it might move a little fast.

"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz