Monday, December 7, 2009

A Tweeting Twit (Or Two)

I am well aware than you are able to call someone you don't like a "twit," but that is not what's happening in this post. [Give me some credit and some time, before we make that assumption.]

My sister likes to bring her readers The Ollie Chronicles - which often include texts between the two of us (which has taught me to remember what exactly I text because it has a tendency to end up on her blog). That, my dear readers, has inspired me to transfer our latest (my latest rediscovery really) Twitter conversation. Which, contrary to popular belief, probably has some major formatting issues in store for me. But hey, I thought it was pretty damn funny.

[However, unlike Twitter, you can read down the page here and it will make sense.]

HaBryerton: My sister (@MollyLouise10) is in a state of panic. She lost her History Notes notebook - her FINAL, FINAL paper is due next Tuesday

HaBryerton: Whew....@MollyLouise10 found it - someone on campus was nice enough to turn it into the College Library help desk. Whew. #crisisadverted.

MollyLouise10: I figured my facebook friends would probably wanna delete me if I started stream-of-consciousness writing.

MollyLouise10: Yup....procrastinating like it's my job on my teacher cert stuff.

MollyLouise10: okay, so a footrest probably isn't what you'd call this, but because my legs are short enough, it works for me.

MollyLouise10: Haha...I think I love this.

HaBryerton: Nice of you to join us here in twitterville @MollyLouise10

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton Is this all the welcome wagon I get? There's not even cookies.

MollyLouise10: Probably needs to put the graham crackers and canned frosting away.

HaBryerton:@MollyLouise10 you need to pipe down with your cookie requests before you FOCI fly the coop and head for Townsend

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton I know. The little buggers have really good ears. And I don't need mine taking an impromptu road trip at the moment.

HaBryerton:@MollyLouise10 We should create a twitter account for the FOCI - I think that would be a hoot

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton I'm down with that. Jointly, or one for each?

HaBryerton:@MollyLouise10 IDK - What do you think?

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton One for you and one for me might work best so A) We don't get confused and B) Neither do the people who might follow it.

HaBryerton:@MollyLouise10 good point - I will add that to the do list for the week

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton Would that require naming them?

HaBryerton:@MollyLouise10 Me thinks that would require naming them and that is where I am stuck

MollyLouise10: Have I mentioned lately how much I hate paperwork?

HaBryerton:@MollyLouise10 And, I think that is part of the reason I have yet to do something like that for mine - I can't come up with a name.

MollyLouise10: I'm thinking mine's a Leo. Just....gut feeling.

MollyLouise10:RT @MollyLouise10 I'm thinking mine's a Leo. Just....gut feeling.

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton I was trying to get what I wrote to reply to you and failed epically.

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton In all reality, mine probably should be named "Murphy"......

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton Should I start listing characters from my book and various wanderings and maybe you'll see something you like?

HaBryerton: Yes!!! Yes!!! RT @MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton In all reality, mine probably should be named "Murphy".....

MollyLouise10: Alrighty then...we'll just name my little wandering focus Murphy.

HaBryerton: no! RT @MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton should i start listing characters from my book & various wanderings & mayb U'll C something U like?

MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton Just a suggestion....I like my head where it's at, thanks.

HaBryerton: If I ever have more children, I should name them MURPHY! RT @MollyLouise10 Alrighty then...we'll just name my little wandering focus Murphy.

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton Could always call yours "Bugger"

MollyLouise10:@HaBryerton I thought you weren't going to have anymore children?

HaBryerton: @MollyLouise10 I'm NOT so there will not be any children named Murphy

HaBryerton: @MollyLouise10 Now...That sounds too much like snot RT @MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton Could always call yours "Bugger"

MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton Guess we'll be waitin on the off chance that *I* have kids.

MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton No, that would be "Booger" - which might be appropriate.

HaBryerton: I think we have a better chance of hell freezing over RT @MollyLouise10 Guess we'll be waitin on the off chance that *I* have kids.

HaBryerton: @MollyLouise10 "booger""bugger"......same thing

MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton No. One's the British term for someone who's behaving less than nicely/a British swearword.

MollyLouise10: @HaBryerton And the other is the green stuff that comes out of your nose.

So good to know it takes part of a college education to know the definition of a "booger." Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, and I was part of the pair that actually had that conversation.

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming [also known as Molly actually gets to work on homework.]

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