Friday, December 11, 2009

An Adventuring Focus

[Because this is the first...attempt at this, it's most likely extremely experimental because I'm not really sure how I want to do this yet. This is from the point of view of the Focus. We'll start with that. If you're confused as all hell, look at last months entries and find the one of a similar name. Read that. And then read this, and it should make some sense. Well, as much sense as I ever make.]

Monday, November 30, 2009

Had to prod M to get outta bed this morning. Climbed up, poked her in the forehead a couple of times, and she finally got with the program. Only, when she sat up to get the alarm she shoved me off the bed. Me landed in my helmet on her chemistry book.

Me get to sit with H's friend while M was in the shower. And we stared while she tried to figure out what to wear for the day. She does that - paces and grumbles and freaks out when there's nothing really freak out worthy.

And it's not even 8:30.

Then M walk to breakfast, and we toddle behind her, like always. Me eat doughnut and drink milk because that's what M does, and she eats toast, too, but me not a big fan of toast. And me like white bread which she can't eat because when she does, her tummy swells like a balloon and she can't really move or do anything but grumble and swear.

M's really good at swearing.

We toddle behind M into the room she stays in for two hours three times a week and me sits on the brick-book that she's brought today that won't fit in her bag and goes *bigthumpnoise* when it falls over.

Then H's friend pokes me and we gambol out into the hallway and trip the person trying to pass by the room. M is absorbed in colored chalk and big words, her feet on the brick-book, and doesn't notice us missing until she comes out, almost gets hit by the door on the way out of the big brick-place and then we follow her back to the place that she lives.

M takes the bike to the next big brick-place. H's friend doesn't know how to hold on tight enough, and when she starts going, he slides off her back-bag and into the big puddle on the sidewalk. Me have to run when she gets in the new big brick-place, and me hate to run. Me short, bow-legged, and kind of pudgy.

Me see E's friend and me gets excited, almost like home cookie excited. E's friend doesn't look good - kind of banged and missing some fuzziness - but me plops next to her before M lets me crawl in the empty chair in front of her to sit and look at the scruffy man. His friend follows a little later, and he looks like he lost a fight with one of those plug-things. Maybe he need a helmet.

H's friend wanders in and crawls up with me, and we smile when M answers questions and manages to sound like she knows what's going on, when we don't have a clue.

M forgets that her bike brakes don't work when wet. She takes the library corner a little too hard, dragging a foot on the ground with the same muttered swear word and then me feel like me flying and then *bigthudsound* and me picking grass from me face. H's friend no land on grass - he get sidewalk.

We go later to the big brick-place with lots of shelves and books so M can meet with people with friends who not as....energetic. Except for his, but she likes him, so we have to play nice.

And by nice we mean we push bookshelf on third floor over on him.

When we get back to where we live, we wait for M to tap something at her desk - she swears some more, says she hates paperwork many times, and finally turns out the lights. We curl up in the towel basket under the bed, she flops above us, trying to get warm and comfy, and snores like she has a head cold. Me thinks it because of the weather - the wind make me think of home.

Me want snow.

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