Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Adventuring Focus II

Friday, December 11, 2009

Me thinks M ate a bowl of stupid for breakfast today. Then me know that she didn't eat breakfast because she was too busy tapping at her desk. She wake me up with all that tapping, and she late so she running for the big brick-place and it icy and me have no scrubbies on me feets, so me slide all over. She beat me to the room she spends two hours in, and sits, and does what she does with big words and bright pictures with arrows in funny directions. H's friend come in twenty-eight minutes later, holding his head and not awake. He like coffee...M says me not allowed to have coffee. Says I "bounce off the wall like a maniacal moron." Me just get the warm fuzzies.

Today is last time M has to sit in the big brick-places and listen. Now she can just tap and curse and sleep in. We all like to sleep in.

Sometimes, me thinks that M is the most smart dumb-stick that me know. Who takes themselves and them poor Focus [we go where you go - me go where M go] and goes swimming in the lake? In this weather? Is for a good cause - fighting cancer and helping people - but no Focus wants to get wet. We start to smell, when we get damp. But M pull me out there and when me emerge, me drenched, cold, and have a goose on me head.

No help that M live in a freezer, like Mikey keeps his ice cream in at home.

M attempting to clean our room. There stuff everywhere and she...she tired. And cold. Me cold, too. H friend cold, too. But mostly me M tired. So, me make decision now that we sleep in tomorrow. And we can have warm place to sleep, since M is doing the towels from the basket and won't fold them like Mama and put them away right when she bring them back.

Me drooling, me so tired.

*bigsadface* M's tummy is making funny noises. She take her pills today, me watch her, but she still make funny noises. Not *donttouchleavemeohnoowowow* noise but *thisannoyingandstupid* noise. She tired and she cold.

And she miss her LittleOne.

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HaB said...

Like Mikey keep his ice cream!


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