Friday, January 29, 2010

Crashing Courses

It was on my drive to my teaching placement this morning that I realized, along with my normal college education, I was getting more than my fair share of crash courses in a variety of interdisciplinary topics.

We'll start with my crash course in Economics. Yes, this is part of my BIDS class, the one about two cities, but I haven't taken any economics since high school (Macro, my senior year, and it was a nightmare) so this week has been one hell of a chuck, duck, and run.

Even better: This coming week is the crash course in Sociology.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have much experience driving in snow. Again, senior year of high school, when I first got my beloved Oldsmobile, dad would take a look out the kitchen window or the back door, and survey the road. He would then tell me, okay, give yourself a little extra time and drive slow, or, more often than not, he'd say, "Best trot your ass out to the mailbox, Binsk."

These past two mornings have been courses in winter driving on some pretty wonderful curves. There have been occasions when I was pretty sure I was going to put myself into the ditch, but you just need to remember to stay calm, keep two hands on the wheel, and stay in the pre-marked path that the poor bloke in front of you forged for you. If you panic - Fred ends up in the ditch. And you miss placement hours and have some explaining to do to mom and dad (which is after mom has said that if she has to put more money into said car, then said child is walking to said placement).

So, that's what the week has been like. Other than that - Louise is still happy, chill, and has a relatively low stress level. Also, she's contemplating taking a nap at the moment, because, uh, yeah, chemistry homework took until 2 this morning.

And did I mention it's Friday? It's Friday.

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