Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Adventuring Focus III

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

M and family had a rough few days. We came back today, to the big-brick place that she goes to and listens to people talk. Well...M rode in the car and strapped me to the roof, with aviator goggles and a helmet. And got a little too close to the truck in front, which, she moron, and windshield cleaner fluid tastes *bigyuckygaggy*

She go to many big-brick places today. M even got lost, too. Which, she do a lot, and she turned a bright pretty pink color and almost punt me into wall. Lucky me have me helmet. Me sit on her feet, and we listen, and she swear quietly because these two teacher-people kind of scare her because they new, and me like them. They funny.

Me mention now that M can't draw to save her life. She screw up stick-figure. She good with words, not so much with drawing. She forget one of the places in New York, too, and she not happy with that. She turn darker pink color and *chucklechuckleohdamn* to herself.

M have issues with her belly. Not *ohgodohgodohgodmegonnadieowowow!* but *stupidannoyingbellypainwhatthehell* and she not happy. She sad, too. We both sad. Me missing H's friend, and M missing family and having some issues. But she say this time be better than last time, and everything be okay in the end. Me trust her. And me help her do school-type thingies, and she let me crawl up with her, snuggle with E-gar, because the stuff on the floor might swallow me whole if me don't. Which, me almost broke me no-neck trying to get to the empty *stupidstupidemptycolduncomfortable* laundry basket. Maybe me sleep in hamper when she accidentally punt me out of bed.

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