Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Ahoy!

Hello to new readers who have stumbled upon this by accident (or by design, I'm not really picky either way) and welcome back to those who have been following for a while! Welcome to the bright and shiny New Year. Though, while the new year may be bright and shiny, the people in it are necessarily not following the dress code.

Which is why, in a lot of cases, January brings a myriad of changes and plans to change on multiples levels. Normally you write resolutions.

One of the first resolutions that I'm doing this year is I'm going to be more organized. Truthfully, this has been on my resolution list since my freshman year of high school, but I might actually pull it off this semester because, honestly, last semester wasn't exactly a box of chocolates and I am in no hurry to repeat it. It was not pleasant.

It's common to gain weight when you go to college as, most of us who were three sport athletes, suddenly find ourselves without much physical activity. As a result of this, most of us put on a little bit of weight. In terms of me and my weight, in light of the recent trying-on of the dress that I am going to wear in my cousin's wedding, it was not a size that I really...liked. Namely, it was the size for my hips, but not for up top, which isn't really unusual for me, but this is not good.

Since most resolutions deal with people wanting to lose weight (I have yet to find someone who wants to gain it) I've got a few of my own. I've thought about these, and they're simple things - things that don't involve spending ridiculous amounts of money on over the counter weight loss drugs (I already do enough of that when I have to buy the stuff to keep my GI tract running smoothly) - and things that I can do in the comfort and relative safety of my own dorm room. Namely, I don't need to be firing up the car in the middle of the snow to get to the gym to do some work out that I should have been doing since August. I know what works for me, and I have a plan when I come home for Spring Break and for those last few weeks before the wedding when I get back in the weight room in the high school with Ralph at 6 in the morning and have my ass kicked into shape. I can explain about that later, or maybe it's in the archives. Probably in the archives.

Anyway, I'm going to share with you my resolutions. I'm going to do this for a variety of reasons, namely, the more I write them down, the more likely they are going to stick. Also, by sharing them with you, and my blogging, most likely I'll talk about my progress. I mean, I'm not Jack who has made himself a goal and a promise and made strides and is just plain awesome, but there are things that I can do, and if I do them with regularity, then I should see some of the me still in there.

And I get the feeling that most of that above paragraph is completely at odds with Definition. But there must be brownie points for me realizing it. Right? Yes?

Well, as you can plainly see, my Focus hasn't come back from vacation yet. Actually, I have no idea where the little scamp is, which is entirely different story altogether.

So, on to the resolutions that only took me half a page to get to. Can't help it - Focus is on vacation.

As part of my resolution to get more organized, I'm starting with my resolutions.

Fitness Resolutions:

-Dessert only on Sundays. (This allows me to still have Sundae Sundays at college with the girls, but gets a handle on my sweets and snacking.)

-Some sort of ab exercise every morning and night. (Something simple - planks, crunches, things I can do on my floor.)

-Push ups? Yes. That sounds good. (And they're Ralph's exercise of choice, too!)

-And some sort of activity at the Fieldhouse (Probably indoor soccer, just because well...that's still part of me, somewhere.)

Academic Resolutions:


-Better time management (Not getting sucked in Twitter, Crackbook, Blogger...etc) and actually doing my work the day that it's assigned.

Erm..I think that's pretty much it on that account.

Other Resolutions:

-To be comfortable with myself in any and all situations.

-To be more courageous.

-Try new and different things.

-Worry less (otherwise I'm going to have a heart attack by age 25 and nobody wants that).

-Flirt more.

-Have fun, convince my friends to have fun, and generally just have a blast at life, college, and the world in general.

Which, honestly, is a life goal. And should be, for everybody.

It's a whole new year, a whole 12 months of new possibilities. Bring it on.

[A holiday wrap up post is coming - I just need my computer, Blogger, and my internet to cooperate so I can get some photos up at the same time that I have text.]

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