Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Adventuring Focus IV

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

M is common, but not. She quirky, funny, kind of scatterbrained, and incredibly Polish. But me no have it any other way.

We sit in many big-brick places, listen to many people, and me deal with many other Foci. And they different from me. Some have pillows or cushions they sit on. Me flop on M's ankles. They play with phones and other junk. Me get coffee some mornings - either from the breakfast place or the place where me fall down the stairs. M fidget, so me get to fidget and use M's legs as a climbing frame. Occasionally me sit and listen. But M in something called Fizziks. His Focus skinny and smart-looking, and M spend lots of time swearing under her breath because she frustrated sometimes. But he wear cool glasses, so it okay.

Life with M interesting. Three days we get up and go visit a big-brick place with littler learners and Foci who now awake. Me stay close to M. Me no know them.

Me proud of M. M no procrastinate so far, and she happier. More content. She sleep better when she sleep and she smile more. Stress - damn fool maniac - has been very quiet. She sleepy - sometime she no sleep - but she okay. She keep up.

And she feed me fiber on a regular occasion.

Still stingy on the coffee.

M ready to scoop out insides with a spork. She eat something and tummy make *annoyingslightlypainfulbutmostlyannoyingashellgrumblingandsoundlikehungry* noise. She turn a fun pink color.

She also turn pink because the boy she likes is sitting by her. He could have sat a row over, but he sit next to her. M going to do an experiment to see if he keep doing it on his own. That why she science-y. But she nervous, too. She no want to read too much into it. She no want to be wrong.

And she almost don't want to be right.

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