Monday, November 23, 2009

Roll On, Play List

So, I'm procrastinating badly, since I got my giant post done (the one before this, where I recap my 19th year) and since I don't really feel in the mood to start my homework yet (who has homework due the day before you officially have off for Thanksgiving break?)

Anyway, since I'm listening to music videos and have my mp3 player plugged in to charge, I thought I'd give you guys a run down of songs that I absolutely can't live without at the moment/I don't get tired of hearing.

"I'm Alive" - Kenny Chesney featuring Dave Matthews

"The Truth" - Jason Aldean

"Cowboy Casanova" - Carrie Underwood

"Sober" - Pink

"Wild At Heart" - Gloriana

"Shoulda Said No" - Taylor Swift

"Love Story" - Taylor Swift

"The Blood of Cuchulainn" - Jeff and Mychael Danna (The Boondock Saints opening theme)

"Her Diamonds" - Rob Thomas

"3 a.m." - Matchbox Twenty

"Last Beautiful Girl" - Matchbox Twenty

"Crash" - Dave Matthews Band

"Mud on the Tires" - Brad Paisley

"Toes" - Zac Brown Band

"La Vie Boheme" - RENT Soundtrack

"If I Had a $1,000,000" - The Barenaked Ladies

"One Week" - The Barenaked Ladies

"Wagon Wheel" - The Old Crow Medicine Show

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