Friday, November 13, 2009

RE: Captain Obvious

I'm not sure if I told you, but last week was a really good week for me. A few things happened. First, I declared my major (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry); I was accepted into the Fall 2010 Study Abroad Program for Carmarthen, Wales; I got leaf rubbings/scribblings from my little one and generally had one of my better weeks of the semester.

This week...well, not so much, really.

Let me point out that I am a declared Chemistry major. Yet, part of the chemistry major is two semesters worth of physics.

I am not, nor have I ever been, attracted to physics outside of the regular F=ma, find how much force is going to impact your car should you hit something going a certain acceleration. That and black holes are really interesting. Other than that, you can keep your rotational acceleration mumbo jumbo.

Point blank: Physics 150 is currently kicking my ass to the moon and back. I could probably calculate that acceleration for you, but do you really want to tempt me at this point?

I get chemistry. More specifically, I get Organic Chemistry II, which, while making other people tug at their hair in frustration, makes sense to me. Really, it does. Now that I've learned the study habits that I needed, and I'm doing what I need to, it's gravy. Physics, not so much.

Now let me point out right here and now that I am not failing any of my classes. I have never failed before, and I don't intend to start now. And after a wonderful conversation with my adviser today, we have come to the conclusion that all is not lost. All was never lost. It simply required more effort than I had originally thought. And I've got no problem with effort.

Except maybe when it comes to doing ab exercises in the safety of my own dorm room (which I need to do because my love handles are trying to make a reappearance and that's just not cool) but that's a motivation thing that I can handle later.

Speaking of physical exercise, I did sign up for indoor soccer, so that should be kicking off (no pun intended) pretty soon over in the field house. And I won't have to slog through the snow and much this year, thanks to my beloved Fred. (For those of you who don't know, Fred is my absolutely fabulous red 93 Oldsmobile who has come to college with me this year.)

And speaking of cars, I'd like to point out that my sister, Heather, recently got her little Pontiac Sunfire back. One of the last times I rode in that car was the crazy 36 hour NYC trip which was so I could do a Day of Publishing through my college and some of the publishing houses, and rolled on (due to a failure to communicate somewhere) into the next day in which I had to be at the hospital at some unfortunate time in the morning for exploratory abdominal surgery (lapriscopic, which is probably horribly misspelled.) The other occasion that I was in the Sunfire was when (shortly after said surgery) Heather and I went to see Twilight together, because she hadn't seen it yet. And it was snowing like there was no tomorrow, too.

Now that I've mentioned snow, it would be a good time to mention that when I get up in the morning, I really do expect to see snow on the ground now. That's really all that I'm waiting for. That first real snowfall of the year.

Which will send all non-New Yorkers scrambling for their winter coats and boots because they somehow thought the freak warm weather would actually last. Not up here, man. Not up here.

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