Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things to Know XI

- I watched a 3-D movie last night for the first time: How to Train Your Dragon with two girls from my floor.

- How to Train Your Dragon is a really, really good movie and reminded me of my cat. Okay, Toothless reminded me of my cat.

- Said cat, Pepper, actually resembles a pot-bellied pig more than a feline because she's been licking the fur off her sides.

- I took my best friend for a bike ride around one of the littler squares by where I live. She just wasn't sure it was that little.

- Pam works just as well on rusty bike chains as does WD40.

-I got a C on my physics test that I thought for damn sure I was going to fail miserably.

- I had NO H8 painted on my cheek, duct tape over my mouth, and my photo taken in protest of Prop 8.

- I was voted slightly without consent to be the layout editor next year for martini. They just verified that that was alright when I walked through the door at the meeting.

- They'll more or less have to wait for me to come back from abroad unless we want to trust the editions through the internet.

- I finally got my NYC blog post done. It is appropriately massive. And can be found here.

- We leave for Toronto in two weeks.

- The semester is almost over with. Uh.....

- I've got a bunch of free weekends now that I am not doing the sound board from the production of, Devotion to the Cross. Because I had too many evening conflicts that they apparently couldn't work around.

- I just instead have a 10-15 page paper to write instead.

- My sister is going to punch me the next time she sees me because I keep promising her Murphy and I haven't actually given it to her yet.

- That whole no procrastination thing? Yeah, gone out the window at the moment.

- There is a clothes island in the middle of my room. Therefore there is only one path from the door to the bed.

- I'm ready to go back to work.

- I am bad at being feminine - I forget to shave my legs for weeks at a time.

- I've had so much coffee in the past week that I'm impressed I haven't died of caffeine overload.

- Tonight is Relay for Life. Cue the voluntary all-nighter for the sake of hoping to one day abolish cancer.

- It's quite frightening - cancer, that is - because as a scientist in the chemistry and biology fields, you know exactly what happens in the body to form cancer, and you know the effects of the ways to fight it.

- In this regard the human body is incredibly resilient.

- Last summer I went out to visit my best friend for a week - not in her hometown but as she was vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. This year - and I need to have this talk with mom and dad - but I'd like her to come out for a week. Specifically the one where we're at the lake.

- The only snag in that plan is that I might have to work, and I'm not sure how many cruises I'll have.

- Did I mention I'm ready to go back to work?

- I don't know where I'm going to live next year. I'm more or less okay with this.

- Until I learned it was illegal to pitch a tent on the quad. Damn.

- Technically it was also illegal to go sledding on campus, but we did that anyway.

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