Monday, October 12, 2009

Wrote What!?

One of the problems with writing a novel over the course of five years (and then some, I'm still going) is trying to remember what exactly it was you wrote in the beginning.

Last night I was looking through part II (the second hundred pages) trying to see if there was a logical place to stop and split it (I'm thinking of self-publishing at this point, and splitting it would allow me to begin that process while still finishing the rest of it. The only snag that I can think of is that if I do publish the first part, I can't change it to reflect anything that may happen later) and I've found some interesting lines that have made me seriously go, "What? I wrote this?" Let me give you an example.

pg 116: "Trying to get something like that out of Jack is like trying to cook a still-living raccoon. Both put up a damn good fight." - Gin

I looked at it and honestly couldn't remember writing that. Really, I don't.

I do, however, vaguely remember writing this.

pg 327: "This is different," Jack said, his hands resting on his knees. "There won't be anything in there to throw us apart. It's not like last time. And there's no trees."
Ral nodded enthusiastically but Kayley ignored him without her usual flair.
"It's not different. What if you do something, even accidental, and it screws him up even more?" she said. Seeing Ral's hurt look, she hastily added, "Not that you're screwed up, of course, Ral. You're just really different."
Ral shrugged; it was his way of saying that it was alright, and he sighed.
"Look at him, Kayley," Jack said softly. "He didn't ask to be magically mute and sealed to the floor. I did it, so I'm going to fix it, even if I have to go in there." He pointed to Ral's head.

Actually, I think the classic example of forgetting what I've written would be when I made the Fates (I had to give my world a religion, so I gave them the Fates.) Not only are the Fates brother and sister, but they have three children, who are prophets. Yes, you read that correctly. And believe me, it's not something I did on purpose. I only realized it when someone pointed it out to me.

This one, just because it makes me smile.

pg 359: "Okay," Jack said brightly, "now that we've confirmed who I am, let's continue."

pg 363: He [Ral] had the best comebacks thanks to (but she didn't know) years in the public education transit system. You had to get them before they got you.

Which is so true.

Okay...after a little bit of deliberating, I've come to the decision (for the moment) that I'm going to split at pg 439. All the pieces are in motion, there's been some action, and there's also a little bit of a cliffhanger. So, with that, that only gives me... 439 pages to proofread and edit the shit out of. Not to mention add what needs to be added to make it work with later chapters, and the stuff still coming out of my head. Yeehaw.

Looks like I've got some work ahead of me. But I now have a goal to work toward, a definite one. One that's a little closer to actually getting published. Do it to it.

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