Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things to Know XIX

[This is the first Things to Know post since I've returned from abroad. Just thought you should know that.]

- The president of HSG considers me the spawn of Satan over my article in the last issue.

- Mostly because he hasn't learned to separate the professional from the personal, but that's more his problem, not mine.

- I'm not really the spawn of Satan. I just write things that might not be all that popular for people in government to have talked about.

- I get all four wisdom teeth removed next Friday.

- Which is a good thing because I'm more of a druggy now than previously, and even then, the Tylenol isn't working sometimes.

- martini has a faculty adviser.

- She's meeting with us today, feeding us pizza, and talking to us.

- Mostly about whether or not we can really publish things anonymously.

- Which, well, that might change what we get and what we print. There are some things on this campus that you just don't want to put your name to out of fear of what people will say to you or try to do to you.

- Usually over athletics.

- Today is our performance for my Shakespeare class. I'm a bit nervous about that, truthfully.

- I broke my curse about getting a role in a HWS production - I landed the role of the Warder in our upcoming production.

- There's not much dialogue to learn there, thankfully, which is pretty cool.

- I get to be the villain with this role.

- When trying to decide what to make today for the house, I settled on chocolate whoopie pies with either cream cheese or buttercream frosting.

- I like variety.

- Henry the House Plant went home with Mama yesterday because she didn't like his color - he hasn't been feeling well, and we decided he should get some TLC at home.

- Hopefully the cat doesn't take this as invitation to gnaw on him.

- Tomorrow is Friday. Hallelujah.

- Have a Happy Thursday everyone.

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