Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things to Know: International Edition IV

- I got a parcel on Monday with all the stuff that I couldn't fit in my suitcase, plus more toilet paper and my pillow.

- The pillow was the unexpected part.

- I love getting mail.

- Pretty sure all college students love to get mail, no matter which university they're at and where in the world they are.

- I've been a blogging fiend lately.

-Ranting, raving, deep thoughts - I've been all over the place.

- I'm in London in little over a week.

- I bought my train tickets to Bath today.

- Bath is the station that my Host UK host is going to pick me up at.

- Her name is Mrs. Scott and she's over 60.

- I wrote a little more in the novel yesterday.

- Hell, I might just churn out a new section of Murphy while I'm at it tonight.

- So, the oldest written poem in Welsh - also the oldest manuscript, I think - was written by a prior (this guy prayed for you when you were dead - after you paid him - so that you spent less time in purgatory) about this guy that lived in the forest around Carmarthen, and that he was a bit of a nutcase.

- This slightly mad man went by the name Myrddin.

- Myrddin means "Merlin" in English.

- Edmund Tudor - grandfather of Henry VIII of England - was once buried at the greyfriar's monastery in Carmarthen.

- When Henry VIII closed all the monastery's, they had to move his grandfather to Saint David's.

- Edmund is now buried in the Cathedral at Saint David's.

-Everybody had fleas way back when.

- If you didn't scratch your fleas, you were trying to be of a higher class.

- Maps used to come in easy-to-read strips so that you could easily read them while on horseback.

- You can put a shoe on a horse, a cow, and a goose.

- One does not put shoes on sheep.

- No, the goose is not a typo.

- I've been experimenting in the kitchen again.

- Don't worry - nothing's blown up yet.

- Hello and welcome to all of my new followers - and welcome back to those who have been with me for quite some time.

- I really need to shave my legs.

- I am very much in love with the song Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble.

- No idea how to make accented letters on here.

- And honestly, I'm not even going to try because there are days when the blogger editor hates me enough as it is.

-I really do think a cup of tea and working on Murphy would be an excellent way to spend the evening up until the phone call back home.

- Healthy tip for students living in a foreign country - call your parents on a regular basis!

- I really am tempted to do a Things I Learned in High School post, just for hell of it.

-Oh, by the way, The Wandering Sagittarius is approaching its 200th post.

- Should we throw a party? Make a toast?

- There should be a cake.

- Or, if not a cake, at the very least, we should have some frosting. And maybe a beer.

- Definitely a beer. Cheers!


Connie W said...

I love mail too. So funny how no one sends letters anymore since email was invented.

I think cake and champagne are in order for your 200th post.

Molly Louise said...

I love getting mail.

Cake and champagne? Let's get fancy. :)

"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz