Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Sagittarius Abroad

I like the simple things in life. No surprise there. I like a good book, a good friend, good cooking, excellent cookies. I really like good music. Okay, well, what I consider good and what you might could be two different things, but what I really like are creating different types of playlists.

However, due to limited space on my 2GB mp3 player - that will be three this Christmas - I can't have all three playlists that I've recently created. Not without losing some of the songs.

And I really like a good playlist. I'm the type of person that needs music when I travel. Whether it helps put me to sleep or knocks out the noise of the car or plane, music really puts me in the mood when I travel. It also got me psyched up for soccer games and going to college. Not to mention most of my novel is written to music. Not actually written to music, but with the help of it. When I finally get to the point where I'm killing one of my main characters I know the song I'm going to use.

Anyway. I'm currently working on this playlist titled Sagittarius Abroad.

It's not as easy as it looks because it needs to combine Home, Road Mix, and Wordless almost flawlessly and not feel like anything got left out. It has to cover a wide variety of emotions and themes and travels and is quite complicated. At least at this point. I need to mix instrumental and classical with pop and country.

I think I nailed it, though. Five solid hours of music. Everything from Eminem to The Lion King Original Broadway Cast Recording.

The true test will come on Sunday.


Connie W said...

Good Luck on your journey!

I make playlists too. It's a favorite thing of mine to do.

Molly Louise said...

Thank you!

"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz