Friday, April 24, 2009

Dang Good Day

Haha....this should be kind of funny.

Normally I go to bed pretty early. Last night, dunno what I was thinking but that wasn't the case, which meant that this morning I got up, re-set my alarm for 7:25 and slept in. That wasn't bad. Calc went pretty fast (usually drags on with all the attraction of a C-SPAN re-run) and then I went to get myself some breakfast at our excellent dining facility. And nearly got run over by a stampeding group of football players. Considering they're at least twice the size of me, I did a good thing by getting out of the way. Was quite fun.

After breakfast it was a trip back to the dorm. Passing the quad, I was almost run-over by a Building and Grounds go-cart on steroids not once, but twice. All of this happened before 9:30 this morning. As I said, my day was great.

I've had two things of coffee today and except for my English class, which got a little difficult at points today, everything otherwise went smoothly.

Except for the spring fitness testing today in the weight room for soccer. And the fact that tomorrow morning I'm running the first 5k of my life. Good thing I have an mp3 player. It will come in handy.

My normally neurotic e-mail checking self took a hiatus today and I checked my inbox only once, not surprised to see about 15 messages in there from various people, including the fact that not only is my sister on but has been blogging for quite a while. I seem to be the last to know. Then again, I've had this account for a while now and haven't done anything with it. Tempted to make the title "Confessions of a College Coffee Addict" or something fun like that. Maybe I'll do that. Throw people for a loop.

Note to self: Not so much coffee in the day.

Heh, in other news (very good news) my writing mojo has returned and I should be churning out pages like there's no tomorrow. Too bad I can't do the same with the synopsis of my novel, which I've been putting off writing for at least five years. Now I know why; it's an absolute pain. Which reminds me at some points that I actually can't remember all that I've written. I hit certain passages and I'm like, "Really? That's what happened? I don't remember doing that..." It's amazing what happens when you have roughly 700 pages of manuscript to work with.

Well, that's really all that's willing to come out of my head at the moment, so I think I'll leave it at that. Not bad for a first post.

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