Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things to Know XVII

- There are now more Things to Know posts than Murphy and Me posts.

- I have 18 days until I leave.

- Meaning 18 more days to fill with smiles, laughter, and hugs from a certain Mayhem Maker who's probably not going to readily understand why Ollie's car is parked in the driveway but Ollie isn't home.

- The cat knows something's up - she's been stuck to my side nearly every night when I'm on the computer.

- Mom watches Lifetime movies when I'm a work.

- In this current one - set in the west - some guy just asked the girl he loved to marry him.

- She said yes.

- Did you expect anything different from a Lifetime movie?

- I am going to hit nearly ten hours of overtime this week.

- Friday night includes two hours of male dancers - known affectionately as Booty Cruise - and more banana hammocks than anyone really cares to see.

- This will be my third year working Booty Cruise and, honestly, unlike wine, it does not get better with age.

- You're not supposed to throw away trial contacts - I didn't know this.

- I pretty much got yelled at this morning because of this (the left one didn't want to stay on my eye) and I was actually quite offended when the new lady in the glasses/fitting section insinuated that I didn't know which way was the right way for a contact lens.

- I have been wearing contacts since seventh grade.

- She was very unhappy that she had to put in an order for new trials.

- She could have been significantly less unhappy at 10:30 in the morning.

- And I was slightly late to work because of this debacle.

- She insinuates again that I don't know which way my contacts go, I just might not be able to hold my tongue and that infamous temper I'll deny I have in spades.

- And really, I didn't know I couldn't chuck them.

- Today was a bread pudding kind of day.

- My nose is stuffy.

- Carla called me She-Man the other night because I carried a tray with double-stacked dirty dishes down from upstairs at work.

- They're not letting me live it down that I fell down the stairs.

- But at least they're being mildly nice about it.

- I have somewhere to be tomorrow morning at 9, and I have yet to eat some dinner.

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