Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ahem. I knew this was coming, but more or less shuffled it on the back burner in favor of everything else that was going on. So I was more or less aware that April 24 was the One Year Anniversary of The Wandering Sagittarius.

Which, in some ways, still blows my mind when I think about it. I've been blogging for a year. You people out there have put up with my smart ass remarks, comments, off-the-wall posts, odd colloquialisms, and whatever else I decided to fling your way for an entire sequence of 365 days.

Pardon me while I get somewhat nostalgic. If I remember correctly - and some days we all know that's a stretch - when I first started this, whatever this is, I had a grand total of three followers and they were all related to me. One of them was myself. A year later? I'm up to ten, which might not seem like much to anybody else (especially those who have serious double-digits behind them) but it makes me very happy, and very thankful that I could pick up seven more people who enjoy (I'm guessing) what I like to write and the viewpoint that I bring. I have no idea if they read for anything more than a laugh at the slightly spastic college kid, and I'm going to say that I'm okay with that. Must be doin' somethin' right, and I'm not going to question it.

This is incredibly more impromptu on my part that it usually is, and I'm actually floundering for what to write.

Oh. I know.

Well...scratch that. I'm not entirely sure.

But what I will say is this.

If you could all kindly raise your coffee cups - here's to The Wandering Sagittarius, her beloved readers and followers, and that slightly crazy chick from Upstate New York, addicted to coffee, good desserts, and making people lose their Focus only a semi-regular basis. Cheers.


Erin Reed said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Molly Louise said...

Thank you! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary Molly!

Molly Louise said...

Thank you! :)

"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz