Friday, June 12, 2009


Some days Murphy and I don't get along.

No, I'm not talking about The Boondock Saints absolutely adorable Murphy McManus played by Norman Reedus, I'm talking about Murphy and his infamous laws. And mostly how it seems that if I didn't have his luck, then I wouldn't have any at all. Especially with men.

I'm trying to think back to when everything started. I'll go with over a year ago, in the spring, tail end of softball season. When I let my on again/off again, on-again-at-the-time boyfriend go because A) It was summer and B) I was going off to college in August. And I needed something different. I wanted him to find other people. Didn't think he'd go to the extreme but, hey, what's better than learning he had a new girlfriend in the middle of September? Course, cue health problems, middle of soccer season, a crazy, perma-swollen ankle, and hey, whadda ya know? His girlfriend doesn't stay his girlfriend but instead, they're going to get married. Which, threw me for so much of a loop that I'm glad my roommate wasn't in the room because I lost it completely. A week later and things simply get even better because, surprise surprise, they're having dinner in the same town that my college is in. Which leads to, "Can we stop and see you?" Me being me, I've never been able to say no to seeing him, because, when we were little, he was my best friend. But to see the two of them together, like they were, it was just...let's just say after rehearsal that night for a musical, while screwing around and listening to an iPod playing "I'll Cover You (Reprise)" from RENT, it devolved into an entire sob-fest, fixed only by a midnight run for Ben and Jerry's cookie dough and Izze soda. I have my surgery in January to fix my health issue, and in February I find a great guy. We get along splendidly. Then I get news from said old boyfriend, that not only is he getting married, but he's now having a child and wants me to be happy for him. After that there was talk of him leaving her because he'd had an epiphany that he wanted to get back to me. Haven't spoken to him since then and it's not really that big a deal in my life anymore.

Now, the latest episode that Murphy and I are entering into is my wonderful luck with men continued. My ex-boyfriend (not the one getting married) but the one from February, whom I still speak to on a regular basis. He's looking for a job. And he's applied at the same place that I'm currently working. Due to my relationship with Murph, not only will he get a job, he will be placed on the same shifts that I am, and I will have to train him. That is just the way it will work. Because Murph loves me.

I guess to sum everything up, I'll talk a line from Practical Magic when Sally's writing a letter to her sister, and looking at the gorgeous full moon over head. And she says, "There is no man for me, Gilly. There is only that moon."

And the idea of "Murphy and Me" sounds like a good notion for a book. Maybe I'll look into that.

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"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz