Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things to Know XXIII

- I keep temporarily losing my phone.

- What that really means is that I keep leaving it various coat pockets or backpack pockets and forgetting, for a while - usually about two hours - where exactly it is.

- I'm kind of okay with that.

- We're having a bit of a heat war in our house.

- Namely the guy I share a wall with phoned Buildings and Grounds yesterday night and told them he "had no heat" and they came and turned it up to 70 (when it had been at 68).

- I think he's trying to smoke me out of my room so he can move in here and have the bigger room, the nicer view, and about twice as much heat vent.

- I don't really think that, but it makes for an interesting thought.

- Mini fridges can freeze coffee creamer when turned all the way up.

- Found the previous out the hard way Tuesday morning.

- I will most likely crawl outta bed tomorrow morning and walk to breakfast because not only am I out of coffee creamer - as mine froze and had to be thrown away - but I'm also out of milk.

- Pretty sure my Focus was hit by a train.

- "Take a yard stick and whack it."

- Sometimes I forget I have a tattoo.

- Having a plan doesn't necessarily always mean you have to like the plan you have when it took a lot of tears, internal screaming, and faith in places you weren't quite sure you wanted to put faith to begin with in order to get said plan.

- "Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up. Peter Pan is the dead boy. Neverland is the land of dead boys."

- Thank you, Modern European Drama for completely changing my worldview on the subject of Peter Pan and thus rendering the childhoods of four college students a little more skewed.

- All things considering, it does kind of make sense.

- Paperwork sucks.

- Sleep is good.

- Have I mentioned my Focus has been hit by a train again?

- I have been distracted by YouTube for the past hour and a half, and need to actually go finish the rest of the play I need to read for tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:35.

- I love my schedule.

- I also love my dorm bed when I'm not feeling like my corner single is a sauna in disguise and trying to enhance my Weight Watchers.

- Speaking of that - at least 4 pounds down. And still going strong.

- There's something morally right and confident-building in there somewhere, but I'm a little bleary-eyed to really attempt to decipher that.

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"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz