Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things to Know: International Edition VII

- Things to Know is a series that can be chalked up to disconnected moments of randomosity from the darkest recesses of my noggin.

- Or it can just be good fun, it's really your call.

- I love YouTube.

- I watched Cats last night on previously mentioned YouTube and have come to a few conclusions, first and foremost being that I'm in love with Munkustrap's thighs. The actor who plays him - quite well, I might add - spends most of his time in a crouch position instead of upright.

- Oh, those thighs.

- I'll be honest, that's probably about the depth of my shallowness, watching Cats clips repeatedly to see men in spandex.

- The costuming though? Absolutely amazing.

- All this talk of cats and Cats has probably freaked out my sister by this point, after her #DamnCats fiasco last weekend.

- I got home in fifteen days. By home, I mean New York.

- I found my plane ticket stub from when I came over here, and I started to cry.

- For as much as I want to go home, I'm going to have a difficult time leaving this place.

- I'm that (un)fortunate soul who makes home wherever she goes.

- I'm not entirely sure what I should do the packed but not sucked space bags currently occupying my bed.

- On the bright side, I can get the pillow out from one of them and sleep on that one more night.

- My flat mate, the one who has the vacuum, went home rather unexpectedly this morning out of fear of having to drive through a ridiculous amount of snow.

- They've canceled trains and such because of the weather - impending in places - and dumping snow in others.

- I'm hoping for snow.

- My hair's gotten longer, and this is fairly important as I've missed the amount of hair I used to rock my senior year of high school.

- It's a royal pain in the ass to straighten, but hey, every now and then is fine.

- This is going to sound a little odd, but, I think I've hit the point where wearing my incredibly curly, slightly afro-like hair down makes me feel....kind of pretty.

- Just found the missing plate.

- Said missing plate is sitting on my windowsill, with the empty Oreo wrapper on it.

- I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs and I really don't care.

- I might pack the shaver and send that home through the mail.

- My Twitter is a goldmine tonight. An absolute goldmine.

- Louise needs to go to bed.

- Once she figures out where to put the vacuum bags.

- I figured this out a while ago, but, I think there's a ghost that lives in my bathroom.

- No idea why he lives in my bathroom of all places. One would expect the wardrobe.

- Every night after I crawl in bed, he pokes his head around the corner, and then wanders back into the bathroom.

- No big deal; both houses in New York are haunted.

- I think I'm ready to go home.

-Might have to get back to you on that last one.


Connie said...

Your roommate brought her own vacuum? Is that normal?

Have a safe trip home!

Molly Louise said...

He actually bought it because, well, we figured the flat would come with one. But it didn't. So he bought one and we've been sharing it around between the seven of us. And it's fairly normal as I have a small, foldable Dirt Devil that I take with me to HWS.

Thank you!

"The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn't."

-Joseph L. Mankiewicz