Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things to Know XIII

- I'm setting records at work that you probably shouldn't be proud of - such as how to get stiffed on a tip two Saturdays in a row when people drop $45 a plate.

- Em is coming to visit in August.

- I'm almost as excited about Em coming to visit as I am about leaving for Wales.

- Well...almost but not quite.

- My plane departs in 63 days.

- My sister has been carrying my Focus back and forth to work with her nearly every day. This may pose a problem later.

- I've been a bad - incredibly bad, actually - blogger lately. But not really sure how to fix it.

- I've got tan lines. Rather normal-looking tan lines, but still. Tan lines.

- I have yet to go swimming this summer.

- For the first time in my life, I hit overtime at my job (41.91 hours).

- Does the previous qualify me as a workaholic at the tender age of twenty?

- My Facebook status is a set of Matchbox Twenty lyrics because not much has happened recently.

- I look fairly fat in the dress I wore at my cousins wedding last month. Or, at least you can clearly see the chin fat. Which is rather unflattering.

- I had mac and cheese for the first time in months today, because it was made with special pasta since dad has this thing about eating "burnt pasta" and this stuff resembles regular pasta.

- Course selections for abroad are due not later than August 1.

- I am so excited!

- Tomorrow night is the Teen Cruise. Not so excited.

- Teen Cruise is hours. No tips. Just hours.

- Lately, it's been more like "fall down go boom" than "crawl into bed and sleep."

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